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We Purchase Homes In

As Is Condition

At Henceforth Homes, we strive to provide sellers with a solution that is catered to their particular situation. Our ability to purchase homes with cash allows for a smoother transaction process, and the flexibility to close on the seller's desired timeline. As a seller, working directly with Henceforth Homes provides the benefit of potentially saving thousands of dollars, otherwise spent if listing your home through traditional means.

Whether your home is facing foreclosure, hasn't been maintained, is over-leveraged, condemned, has liens or health department violations, incurred damaged of any sort, etc.,

We Will Buy It!  

Sell Your

House Fast

After analyzing all information we will determine the best option based on your specific situation, and potentially make you a cash offer. Please know, you ARE NOT in any way obliged to take this offer. 

If your situation is best suited for a traditional listing, we will be happy

to refer you to our extended team

of Real Estate Agents.


Our in-person appointment is held at the property, and requires that those listed on the mortgage be present. We will do a quick overview of the house, which will allow us to determine possible solutions based on your situation.





Fill out the contact form and we will give you a call  shortly after.  During our brief phone call we'll ask you a few questions about the property, your situation, etc. From there we will set up an in-person appointment that works best for you.  


No Closing Costs, No Commissions, No Hassles.

How it works

Types Of Solutions

We know everyone's situation is different. For this reason, we can offer various buying solutions. We want to ensure that you're fully informed to make the best decision possible, and together we can determine the best transaction option for you.

Cash Purchases

Utilizing cash funding from our national network of investors allows us to circumvent many of the headaches related to traditional real estate closings. We will be buying the home "AS IS".  Whether needing to close quickly or in a few months, our closing timeline can be adjusted to fit your ideal situation. If necessary, our process can be finalized in as little as 10 days.



We will work directly with you and your lender to help you qualify for this transaction. With our network we can find a solution consider a loan modification program.

Short Sale 


In today's market it can be very difficult for some to sell a property. Some may even be temped to simply walk away, even knowing there are serious consequences to the home owner. We can alleviate these hardships by working with you and the bank to determine a solution that best serves your particular situation.


In situations where you're not ready to move out of your home, we can begin making the mortgage payments on your home as a "lease" with an agreed upon timeline to purchase the home from you in CASH.

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